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Jones&Company is a full-service income tax and accounting service provider led by Matthew D. Jones, CPA in Sylvania, Ohio (Toledo, Ohio area). We provide professional services to a broad range of clients across many industries. We consistently add value by assisting both individuals and a wide array of small-to-medium size businesses in minimizing their tax liability to the extent allowable by law. Jones&Company accomplishes this by keeping up-to-date with tax laws affecting individuals and small-to-medium size businesses. This in turn allows us to keep you in full compliance with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and applicable state taxing authorities. In addition, we work diligently to ensure your financial statements are reliable, accurate, and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Our commitment to adding value is evident in the full IRS audit protection we provide to all of our clients.

We have helped many individuals and businesses in the Sylvania, OH and Toledo, OH areas through our thorough tax preparation process, starting with our CPA owner as the main tax preparer.  We utilize effective long-term tax planning strategies that will help you and your family or business.  We want you to keep your hard earned money and invest it in better ways.

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phone: 419-343-1322
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email: [email protected]

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